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You’ve asked … we delivered!!! A SPECIAL EVENING OF “FAMILY FRIENDLY” KARAOKE on THURSDAY, SEPT 27 (6:30-8:30p)!!! We will have some special live music performances by a few local musicians as well ✋ check out those cupcakes on the top shelf today …. BUTTER PECAN & CARROT CAKE!!! Yummo!!!!

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A different sort of start to a Monday morning …. first meal ordered was a HAWAIIAN BURGER (with extra grilled spam), then our newest dish the GREEK YOGURT WITH FRUIT & GRANOLA and now a few ARTESANO BREAKFAST SANDWICHES :)). Different = Good = Java39!!!

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✔️ Cleaning done after Brunch ✔️ Prepping done 4!tonight!! LIVE MUSIC tonight (Sat Sept 22) with Best 4 Last (Russell and Jeannie Stover). Always a great time and fun crowd with them!!! ♦️✋ Come say hello!!!

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YES, YES, INDEED!! Our Saturday Brunch with Live Music has been so successful that it will NOW be a mainstay at Java39 …. SATURDAY BRUNCH CLUB with LIVE MUSIC every other Saturday (of course we will still have breakfast on the other Saturdays as well). Our next SBC (w/ live music) will be Sat., Oct 6th!!! ❤️ a huge, huge thanks and hugs to all that made this morning our best breakfast / lunch EVER!!! Huge thanks to the singer / songwriters … Catherine Fuller, Michael Dee, Chanda Graham, Kelly Tucker-Montgomery, Michelle Montgomery, @HowardBrady..

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SATURDAY BRUNCH WITH LIVE MUSIC AT, the one and only, JAVA39 (10a – 1p)!!!! Come and get your brunch on!!!! Performances by Michael Dee, Catherine Fuller and Chanda Graham!!

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Getting to the cafe has proven to be quite the challenge this morning as all route have been blocked!

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Night isn’t even over yet but wanted to give a huge hug and thanks to all that are out here even with the bad weather … what a great crowd!!! Big love to Shades of Gray Band!!! Hey @jayne looks like you won one of the raffle!!! TOMORROW MORNING (SAt Sept 22) from 10am – 1p …. SATURDAY BRUNCH CLUB W/LIVE MUSIC!!! See ya’ tomorrow!!

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The cure for a rainy day … Java39!! Eclectic dishes, specialty coffee, desserts and LIVE MUSIC. TONIGHT ( Fri Sept 21) – Shades of Gray Band graces the 39 Stage!! TOMORROW MORNING (Sat Sept 22) – from 10am – 1p, SATURDAY BRUNCH with Live Music!! Catherine Fuller, Chanda Graham, Michael Dee ABOUT LAST NIGHT – Incredible, just incredible. Huge hugs and thanks to Jade Castle, her vocal students and all who came to support them. An absolutely incredible debut for Jade’s “Catch a Star” …. 3rd Thursday of each month ✋◾️ Come say hello!!

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Jade Castle finishing off a most fabulous evening. Playing one of our favorite songs … spoiled we are!?! sorry not sorry

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Incredible!!! Such an amazing evening for the first of many Jade Castle’s “Catch a Star” at Java39 … 3rd Thursday of each month. All the students were absolutely incredible!!

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Most popular dish this morning … GREEK YOGURT w/ fruit, granola and a drizzle of honey!! Come by for lunch and getcha some CREAMY TOMATO BASIL SOUP with grilled cheese dippers!! Tonight (Thurs Sept 20) – Jade Castle’s (Madden) “Catch a Star” … showcasing her students and she’ll also play some melodies for us ABOUT LAST NIGHT – OKC Ukulele Group’s OPEN MIC was completely packed!! Celebrated a birthday and all around fun evening!!! ✋Come say hello!!

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Our every other week SATURDAY BRUNCH W/ LIVE MUSIC!! Make plans for this Saturday (Sept 22nd) from 10am – 1pm!!! We will have several musicians performing everything from Jazz / Blues, Country, Folk, Pop, and Classic Rock. Our main performers are Chanda Graham, Michael Dee, Catherine Fuller and many other musicians will perform as well. Call or inbox us if you would like to make a reservation!! OUR MENU LISTED IN COMMENT SECTION

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“I was gonna take over the world today, but I overslept” … postponed. But not the great things happenin’ at Java39 today!!! Got some specials added to our menu this week … CREAMY TOMATO BASIL SOUP (with Grilled Cheese Dippers) & HAWAIIAN CHICKEN SLIDERS (with side)!! Got some STRAWBERRY GLUTEN FREE CUPCAKES … already been asked to save a dozen (so best to call and reserve some) TONIGHT (Wed Sept 19) – OKC Ukulele Group OPEN MIC!! All Ukulele musicians are welcome to participate!! ✋❤️ Come say hello!!!

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Goodness!!! It’s been a breakfast making morning, for sure!! Check out a few of the dishes we’ve been serving this morning …. Artesano Breakfast Sandwich, Greek Yogurt with Fruit & Granola, Biscuits & Sausage Gravy with Eggs and our Pumpkin Spice Latte’!! ❤️ We have a limited breakfast menu during the weekdays, but certainly eclectic. MAKE PLANS FOR OUR EXPANDED BREAKFAST MENU FOR OUR SATURDAY BRUNCH WITH LIVE MUSIC!! (This Saturday from 10a-1p, schedule it)!!!

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An incredible week of live music lined-up. Check it out …. WED, SEPT 19 – OKC Ukulele Group’s OPEN MIC!! All Ukulele players are invited to participate. Hosted by Jeff Howard THU, SEPT 20 – Jade Castle’s “Catch a Rising Star” evening. She will play a set and feature several of her students and other young musicians FRI, SEPT 21 – It’s gonna be a festive evening with Shades of Gray Band commanding the 39 Stage!! Always a great time!! Kelly Tucker-Montgomery, Michelle Montgomery ♦️ SAT, SEPT 22 – Russell and Jeannie Stover, Best 4..

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Happy Monday!! Got the SNICKER CHOCOLATE and LEMON CURD commanding the Top Shelf today!! Got a few specials today, as well …. Creamy Tomato Soup w/Grilled Cheese Dippers & Hawaiian Sliders:) ABOUT SATURDAY NIGHT – a phenomenal evening with the 1982 Dibble High School Reunion (and friends). Huge hugs and thanks to all that made this such a memorable evening!! ✋ Come by and say hello!! pEAce ✌️ pEACe

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Happy Saturday!! Serving breakfast at the moment … and then, gonna watch the OU game … and then, open the stage for whoever wants to play or sing!! AND THEN, tonight starting at 6p, the DIBBLE HIGH SCHOOL REUNION PARTY with Stan Carrier providing the entertainment. This is a private event ♦️ ABOUT LAST NIGHT – what a fabulous evening with Alyssa Elaine (Alyssa Elaine music) gracing the 39 Stage. She had 3 of her family members join in for a full band performance!! Big hugs and thanks to all those who attended!! ♠️ Come by and say hello!!!

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Hello Saturday!!! Hello Breakfast!! Come hang with us and enjoy an eclectic breakfast, watch the OU game (11a start time), listen to some music, play some music (open mic), OR request to do some Karaoke!! JAVA39 … WHERE WE MAKE SATURDAY BREAKFAST FUN!!!

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✔️ CHECK IT OUT … we have our MERCH CORNER all set up!! Three different colors … women cut … unisex … short sleeve … and a few long sleeves left!! Huge thanks and hugs to Jayne, Connie Gayle, Kathy and Dianne for helping out … lol … actually doing ALL the work

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TONIGHT (Fri Sept 14) – Alyssa Elaine (Alyssa Elaine music) commands the 39 Stage. Here’s your chance to see the 13 year old, singer/ songwriter, sensation. She debuted her first CD, this past month, at Hollywood Corners ABOUT LAST NIGHT – always a fun evening with Chris Morrison. Had several new faces for the “originals only” singer / songwriter evening ✋ Come by and say hello!!

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